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Monday, April 13, 2009


We have a few simple rules on this site. Our URL is open to the world, we are not a closed community. However, we are a selective community.

Jesus Christ left us with two powerful commandments:

Love God with all of your heart and soul


Love one another as yourself

Jesus taught us that these two commandments superseded all other commandments. We would hope that you would take both to heart.

However, in our modern world, an ever-growing population of people don't believe in the G-man mentioned in commandment number one. That is fine. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. Maybe visiting this site frequently will show you why we believe in a humble carpenter that became a teacher and spiritual guide to multitudes around the world for generations.

Regardless of your belief in commandment number one, there is nothing that Richard Dawkins or any other modern voice can say to challenge the pure truth in commandment number two - and that is a hard rule on this site.

We accept a variety of viewpoints, but we will not tolerate violators of commandment number 2, regardless of their current religious or secular beliefs. Posting hatred, profanity, prejudice or any other remarks with the intent to belittle, disgrace, embarrass or ridicule anyone is cause for your posts being deleted and your user name being blocked from this site. Please don't waste our time.

Conversely, our site believes that all judgment is reserved for our Creator. If you are a non-believer or of a different faith from Chritianity and any of our posters condemn you and guarantee that you will burn anywhere besides the Vegas desert in the middle of August, they will have their vitriolic posts deleted and also be banned from this site.

Jesus spent more time with sinners than he did with saints. He showed the outcast compassion and love. But He was also honest with them and did convict them of behavior that would not be good to continue. That is the example of behavior we hope to convey on this site.

If you have a hard heart, please read this post from one of our other sites. After you read the post, you can click on your browser's BACK button to return to this site.


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