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Monday, April 13, 2009


A Place To Call Home

This site is open to anyone, regardless of their beliefs. The majority of our visitors and regulars will be Christian. You'll also find quite a few people from Canyon Ridge Christian Community in Las Vegas, NV. If you are not from Las Vegas, we're glad you found our site radiating from the desert.

We also welcome individuals who are curious about Christianity and may be interested in beginning a spiritual journey.

If you are not associated with any church or religious denomination and are seeking a loving Christian community in Las Vegas, have a seat. If you are not from Las Vegas, (we won't tell anyone) bookmark this site and become part of our family.

I've led a horrible life. If you have had a life you might not want printed on the front page of your local newspaper, you will probably find some people here with similar stories. Jesus would have sought you out for a chat. Why would we do otherwise?

There is no sin that could exclude you. We've all sinned, and we continue to sin. But we know that there is power in The Word and the more time we spend with the teachings of the man from Nazareth, the better our lives will be. Join us.

I'm gay. Great. We all have the same creator. He made each and every one of us out of love. We hope you will find more of the same here.

No ID check for Atheists and Agnostics.
Each of us goes through different paths in life. Based on our histories and our influences we come to a diverse range of conclusions. Maybe you've had voices in your life that seemed to force you into your beliefs. We hope to be different. All we ask is that you respect everyone that calls this site home - for a cup of coffee, an hour, a day or a lifetime.

I'll do anything to sell you a car. John Barr impersonators are welcome to perform all the wacky stunts they would like. However, we treat evil high prices with love and respect. We do not condone violence. Please do the same. (If you're not from Vegas, ask someone to explain this one.)


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