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Monday, April 13, 2009


The producer of this site,, is utilizing its marketing efforts and network of sites to link people to Friends of Canyon Ridge. A grass roots program of simple flyer distribution is also promoting this site. However, our team can only do so much. We need you.

If you find value at this site or on any of our sites, share them with friends.

We make it easy to share our messages.

Every post has a small email icon at the bottom of the post. If you find a particular post you would like to share, email it to a friend.

You'll also see the small rotating icon at the bottom of each post labeled, Share This. You can send a particular post to any of a number of Social Networking sites you may use.

If you would like to pass on our URL to people through email or through twitter, a long URL may be a problem. We have provided compressed URL's for all of our spiritual sites, so you can tuck the good word in any communication method you choose.

URL's for Friends of Canyon Ridge



URL's for The Circle: Prayers for Today



URL's for Proverb A Day



URL's for Pray With Us



URL compression is done by, to compress any long URL's, click here.


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