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Sunday, April 12, 2009


This site was conceived and produced by one person. However, the vision of this site encompasses and requires many people.

When this site was launched, only one person could creates posts, all others could only post comments.

The Blogger platform that this site was built on has the capacity to have up to 100 authors. So we have plenty of room to grow.

Authors must have a gmail account through Google. (At the bottom of this post, a link is provided to take you to the Google gmail page.) They don't need to use the gmail account, they only need the account Username (a gmail email address) and a password. Once you have the gmail account info, you never have to go back to it again, unless you want to use the services related to gmail.

For this site to reach its potential, it will need more than one, two or three authors. The more, the better. So we want your fingers - and your thoughts and ideas.

To become an author, you have to be invited. To be invited you have to email the site administrator. There are a few requirements to be an author, and they're simple:

Authorship Requirements
  • You MUST be a Christian or are contemplating beginning a life followin Christ - You don't necessarily HAVE to attend CR, but it will help. We limit this site to Christians or people that are thinking about becoming a Christian because this site's purpose is not to debate religion, it is here to serve, just as Christ did.
  • You must be willing to post at least once a month - if we reach capacity on authors, we would like to reserve the right to authorship to those that contribute. If you are not contributing at least once a month, we reserve the right to give your slot to someone that is called to contribute more often.
  • You will need to learn and follow the Labeling system for posts to maintain easy access for visitors to posted information and keep the menu of post Labels from becoming 100 feet long
NOTE: The site administrator reserves the right to revoke authorship privileges from anyone that tries to turn this site into a public debate on Christianity or religious belief, makes continuous sales pitches in posts, uses profanity in their posts or does not treat others in a Christlike fashion. Love one another and you won't have a problem.

Applying for Authorship

Applying for Authorship is easy. Send an email to:
You should receive an auto-responder message telling you what to expect next. If you do not receive the auto-responder message, check the email and try sending it again. If you're still having problems, call the site administrator, Roger Blazic at: 702-531-4588

In your application email, please include the following:
  • Full Name
  • A primary email address for contact purposes
  • State if you attend Canyon Ridge and for how long
  • If you do not attend Canyon Ridge, please provide the name of the church you do attend, and its location if it is outside of Las Vegas, NV
  • (Optional) phone number

Gmail Account Required

Don't forget, you will need a gmail account to be able to sign in and post to the site. If you would like, the site administrator can provide you with a gmail account through the company that produces this site. You would receive an email that would be: YOURNAME (or a Username you choose) - so it would look like this:

When your email is setup, you will receive an email notification at an email you provide and a computer generated password. You will need to sign into your gmail account to activate it, and you can change the password, which will completely privatize your gmail account. At that point you can do what you want with the email address. You can use gmail, Google Calendar or any of the other services Google offers gmail users.

If at some point you would like to cancel the account, email the site administrator at: and request for the account to be closed. The account will be deleted from the database within a week after your request.

Post via Email

If you are thinking about applying for authorship, but are a concerned about having to log into the site to make your posts. This site is setup for authors to be able to post direct from email.

You will be given a special email address that you would place in your contact/address book. Give the contact a first name like FRIENDS, enter the email address, then save.

If you have a thought or a picture you want to share, even a video, you can attach it to an email and send it to the site for posting. We review email submissions before posting them to the site because occassionally we have formating issues or some emails come with long signatures, disclaimers or blinking avatars and cartoons. Non-essential information will be edited from email submissions and then they will be posted to the site. This could take a few minutes to a few days, depending on when the site administrator can get to the email editor.

Posting to this site is simple and easy. Use the method that works best for you.

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