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Friday, May 29, 2009

A Friend Needs A Ride

Today, I got to know a guy with an amazing story of recovery. He's working hard to do the right thing. He lives with a 65 year old chemist in a small apartment in Vegas - in what he calls, "not the best neighborhood." I live in a mansion in Silverstone ranch. But due to a business failure, I may be forced out. I'm trying to rebuild my fortune with online businesses. I need money. These two guys could use a better, safer place to stay. A connection was made - all on Facebook.

The guy that is rebuilding his life works on The Strip. He does not have a valid driver's license. I believe he's been riding a bike to work. If he moves in with me, he'll need a ride to and from work.

I am looking for anyone you know who lives in the NW part of town and works down on the Strip. I'd like to match him up with someone who can pick him up at my home in Silverstone Ranch and take him to and from work. I need a Christian soldier. I'm sure he'd be glad to pitch in for gas.

If you know of anyone, have them email me at: and put RIDE SHARE in the subject line.


Roger Blazic

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