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Monday, June 29, 2009

Looking For Second Income?

Hi, I'm Roger Blazic, producer of this site and owner of

In February of 2009, I started building businesses online. My website and many of the blogs I produce are dedicated to helping individuals find and build online income by starting their own business.

My headquarters site has information on how to start a business. There is still a lot of content I plan to add to the site, but it's a good reference point for those interested in online entrepreneurship.

I believe that everyone should be building a 2nd income. It can come in handy to pay for the extras in life and as it grows you'll have a cushion if something ever happened to your primary source of income.

Several of the business ideas on can be started FREE, but they require a lot of work to get them going. I know, I'm neck deep in launching several projects.


However, I also have two simple, low-cost, turnkey business opportunities. You can be in both for less than $25.

For details, see the following links.

Internet Business - Takes you to a blog site with videos and full details.

Fun Food Distribution Business
- Takes you to a page on with a video and details.

Feel free to call me if you have any questions: 702-478-6241

To Your Success,

Roger Blazic

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