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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Looking To Hire? We'll Post Your Opening

One of the services I wanted to provide on this blog was to create a job referral bank. I'm looking for companies in Las Vegas who are hiring, and I'll post the opening to this blog, FREE.

I'm also offering to people who are looking for work the opportunity to post their resume or their skills on this blog.

Another service that will be offered through a group of web pages and blogs will be low cost web advertising for start-up companies. The service will include a listing on a special web page on my headquarters site, a link to any website/blog you may have, plus a blog page on a new blog site I'll be developing. All of the web pages and blog pages will be promoted worldwide through twitter messages.

I have a system called the TWITTER BOMBER@ that can produce up to 7,000 messages on twitter in a 10 day period. Not all of the messages will be dedicated to this service, but there will be hundreds of messages posted over the course of a week.

Plus, advertisers will be given compressed links to the web page and to their blog page so they can easily send the message out via email or through twitter or social networks like Facebook. This gives them an instant web marketing plan that they can manage themselves without all of the hassles of starting a website, creating a blog and figuring out a way to promote the whole mess. I've got the pipeline already created, you just need to get on board.

It's a great way to have a web presence for a reasonable price.

Price will be $50 for 6 months. You will be granted authorship to the Start-Up Blog (title not yet determined). You can post to the blog as often as you wish. I'll teach you the secrets I've learned on how to get massive attention on Google searches by using a blog.

Just to show you I know what I'm doing, you need to do a little test. I used to own and ad agency in Las Vegas (2000-2006), Blazic Design. Google that name and see how many listing come up.

Because I was frequently interviewed on radio, TV and in print for my advertising and branding opinions during the run of the ad agency, I wound up with about a page, page and a half of Google listings that came up when you Googled my name: Roger Blazic.

In mid-MARCH of 2009, I started blogging. Run my name in a Google search today and see what you get: Roger Blazic

How many pages come up when you Google your name or your company's name?

This whole ad program will take me a week or two to get all the components up on the web. There will be a limit to the space available. If you'd like to be considered for the ad slots, email me, Mr. Questions, at and put START-UP all in CAPS in the subject line. Include your name, the name of your business and a brief explanation of what you plan to do. Don't forget to add contact info - like an email or a phone number (optional).

I won't promote any business that contains adult content, violence toward any humans or animals. This is a Christian blog... What would the guy with the sandals do? Figure it out.

Let's help some people get jobs filled, find jobs and get their businesses started.

Posted by Roger Blazic

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